Bucket List – 2019

Hey my fellow blogger and readers!

I’ve read and seen many post about buckets list, thought I should try to create one, another thing to feel motivated in the new year. I feel as though an aim for bucket lists are to encourage you of what you want or would like to achieve in the next year. It’s the perfect way to list out everything you want to do and who doesn’t like making lists. As in 2018 I felt like I have only completed a few off my bucket list but now it is time for the rest.

Well 2019 is the year I turn 24 years old in March (Ugh I’m getting old), so I decided to embrace my wildness no matter what, and have to get some things at least ticked off. 2019 is year for me to just think about myself, my wellbeing, happiness and health.

    1. Graduate with a Master’s Degree
    2. Travel as much as I can (anywhere, too many places to list out)
    3. Experience and learn different cultures and religions
    4. Go bungee jumping
    5. Learn self-defence
    6. Go on many road trips with friends
    7. Become a visual merchandiser or something Creative 
    8. Watch a sunrise
    9. Go Zip-lining
    10. Spend my Birthday in a different country which i have done but want to make is a tradition like my older sister. 
    11. Become an early riser
    12. Get a Tattoo (I know I’m not allowed but there is no harm in thinking about it)
    13. Get more Piecing as i have 6 now, 5 on my ear and 1 on nose, i actually want more on my ear. 
    14. Try to be Healthy/SelfCare is everything 
    15. Become more Confidence and positive 

I know so far it’s a small list but it’s the main things I want to get done.

What is on your Bucket List for 2019?

Let me know in the comment below.



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