The City of Birmingham

Hello again my fellow bloggers! I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I am officially trying my best to get back to the blogging.

This is a very delayed post about my life in Birmingham.

My Sister Farzana has always said “It Good to share Sid”. So this is me sharing

I had made the decision to move to Birmingham, after I had graduated from UAL. This decision was made because of family reasons and a break from the busy life of London. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy for me. Being part of a huge Pakistani family where everyone lives in Birmingham, along with being in the same area as everyone. I used to love it when I was kid but then the older I got I realised who were actually family and who were not. (Yes major reality check there)

To be honest I had become very depressed being at home (very hard that I just admitted it)

There was good and bad side to Birmingham of course. I was so used to my own way of living and when I had come back to Birmingham I felt it was a step back for me. I felt trapped in a way. I had started to realised I need to get myself together. Questions started coming up, what the next stage, job, money, love, what should I do now. I started missing my friends the most, I didn’t make many friends in Birmingham at the start. I felt so distance from so many people. Things just seem to not work out for me at the start, so many bad stuff started happening and I just felt lost. My sisters say its normal to feel like that to be lost. I guess to find myself I have to be lost for a while. I was such in bad place that I had stopped with everything, blogging and even communicating with my besties from London. I just stopped everything. I just needed a break.

I officially started to apply for a job and found one at Selfridges. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it, the people and the environment I just was such in a negative place and I assumed the worst of this job. However, after a couple of month of struggles and a lot of breakdowns, this job has helped me to keep me sane, it helped me to realise what my main focus was in my life. I felt back on track with everything and making the right decisions. I made so many friends that brought that my smile back, I have become more cheerful and feel like a different person which I will be always thankful for.

As of right now I have applied to do my masters next year as I feel my education is not finished yet, I want to do more. Of course its back in London in January and back to UAL for my masters. Hopefully you will see more blogging, traveling, positive vibes and more creativeness.

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power”-Unknown

OMG guys I really hope I haven’t bored you with my rant!

P.S. Trying to post a lot more, hopefully I can motivate myself.


  1. Hey there. This was a nice, honest and open post. We all go through these dark days sometimes. Some more than others. What matters is that you managed to pull through and found light at the end of the tunnel 😉


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