The Dream of Istanbul

This year, I had actually decided to post about my amazing birthday trip to Istanbul. The trip was organised by my sister, for a week long fun we had explored the city. Even though the weather was a bit dull, it actually rained, I still had such a fun time. I got the chance to explore the art, museums and of course the food. Not to mention there was a halal Burger King!!! To be Honest that was a big deal for me and my sister, Halal meat eaters here. The pictures just explain how much we had.

Traveling on a plane i thought it would be okay to just wear my jeans and really nice top. However i did my research from other blog post from other bloggers and deiced that okay the best idea is to be comfortable as possible no matter how long the plane journey is. I picked out my grey hood with the most comfortable black new look jeans i have along with a long grey jacket. Lets just say i was so comfortable that i had fell asleep through the whole 4 hours. HAPPY GIRL!

Traveling Outfit

If one had but a single glance to give the world to give the world, One should gaze on Istanbul

 Alphonse de Lamartine

The hotel that we had stayed at was called Sura hotel, that was located in the perfect area, walking distance from the History that is filled in Hagia Sophia Museum to Beautiful Blue mosque. It was honestly the best stay I’ve had. The hotel has its own spa and pool, where you can get an amazing Pampering Sessions, Breakfast Hall, Sura Café, Fitness Centre, Airport Shuttle Buses and N Terrace Restaurant. This Hotel has the Whole Package and is definitely worth the money. When we first arrived, our first night was the worst because of the raining and constantly tapping against the room window. However, the next morning when we got to breakfast my sister had mentioned about the worst sleep we had and they moved us so quickly to a better room. The customer service at the hotel was 10/10 because of how amazing and friendly the staff were, even the café and restaurant.(View from the hotel and pool)

The Blue Mosque

There was so much to explore in Istanbul however, our first stop was The Blue Mosque which is a historical mosque in Istanbul. It’s actually mostly known for its blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior. Honestly it was one of the most beautiful mosque that I have been too. Of course there was a certain way to dress before going to the mosque, I had jeans and a short dress that I wore as a top, along with a scarf that I wore around my head before going into the mosque, I had to put my shoes in a bag which I carried with me. The floor was a little warm but thankful when we went it was quite cool weather. For me personally I found it peaceful, going to a mosque and seeing the history it’s an experience I will never forget and wish to go again sometimes soon. The pictures do not give any credit of how breath taking the mosque is. 

The Hagia Sophia Museum

Next The Hagia Sophia Museum, it was first a Greek Orthodox Patiarchal Basilica then later an imperial mosque and now a museum. It was quite hard to get in becasue of the long que to get in, so we ended up finding a tour guide was amazing a showing us around and explain all the history which was amazing to listen too. I heard that this museum is a source of inspiration and whoever said that is absolute correct, I felt the vibe of inspiration. Knowing about the lustrations, upper gallery, marble door, architectures and colours inside and out. i am not going to carry on boring you with my chatting but show you how memorising and inspirational this trip was.

Dervish Experience

On the day of my birthday, we had organised to go this live evening show called Dervish Experience. This is classed as Sufism which is from Islam that highlights love and peace. Dervish is associated with a dance of whirling and being focused. Its honestly an experience that I have never see or thought about. It’s always exciting to see something so historical and meaningful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures or videos of the experience, but it is something I suggest to see if you ever go to Istanbul. 

Most of the Evenings contains a lot food and shopping which you can see in the pictures below. Walking in the streets of Istanbul you can sense the culture and see how different types of people come to see this beautiful city. From Spice Bazaar to the local restaurant everything is full of colour and smell.  While walking me and my sister had found a halal Burger King and Macies which I have never seen my sister so happy about. Overall I have loved my experience in Istanbul, the historical culture and people have defiantly convinced me to come back again in the following years. I would recommend everyone to go even for a few days or weekend you can defiantly see a lot in a few days. Hopefully will be going back soon 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below of this long blog post, hopefully I didn’t bore you with the chatting. 

Thinklikeart x 


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