Next Chapter of my life


This is going to be a short update of what is actually happening with my life. So I had finally made the decision to further complete my studies in the field of Arts. Yes, I know after about a year and half I saved up the money while living in Birmingham with my dramatic mother. I had thought to just stay in Birmingham with her and study there, I thought long and hard about this, thought about the money side and my mental health, came to the conclusion that Birmingham is just not where I see myself working or living. Most people do not know about this but I had struggled with my mental health during the year in Birmingham, I had felt like I was stuck and every single piece of my life was pulling away from me. 2018 was a difficult year of losing myself and the people I thought were important. I got a huge reality check that my extended family hasn’t changed in the past 4 years, gossiping and putting people down is what they find happiness in. Based on that I had made the decision to move back to London and further complete my studies on a Masters Level. I applied for MA Applied Imagination Part time at Central Saint Martin, so far it’s the best decision to apply for this course. My confidence has grown so much, my class is so supportive and different. I Actually enjoy going to Uni and classes. The projects are so creative really makes you think differently about art. 

I moved to London in January 2019 the same time the MA course started. It was a nervous experience and I didn’t happen to make that many friends, but that’s a slow process as I find it quite difficult to make friends and London is such a big city. I have notice that I have become so much happier being here, with a lot of creative opportunity coming my way. There will be a blog post about my creative adventures. It’s good to keep myself busy and smiling in something that I love. 

The life lesson that I have learnt it keep yourself happy more than anything. Your mental Health is big deal, no matter what your suffering from you will be okay. Don’t worry about what people have to say your living for yourself not for them. 

Next I need to learn to not give my heart out so easily and i trust the people that are not good for me which needs to changes, apparently to my sisters say I am soft hearted. Being soft hearted makes me who i am i feel.

Be free, Be happy! 

Share your opinions below friends 

Thinklikeart x 


  1. This is a heart felt reality of your personal experience, thank you for sharing. Thank you for speaking about your own struggles with mental health, with honesty and understanding.
    Brilliant post!

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  2. Keep yourself happy . . . a wonderful message! We are often influenced into thinking happiness is what everyone else is apparently doing to keep happy. Our happiness is unique to ourselves and remembering that every step of the way is the best way to retain it. 🙂

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  3. Really lovely to read about your courageous journey to AI! It’s been great meeting you and working with you too.. Looking forward to your future blog posts, and hope to learn more about your theatre design. How interesting xx

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    • Thank you hun. It was lovely meeting you too. i will for sure post about my theatre design journey, really never considered it but will try. xx


  4. You are absolutely right! We should always prioritize our mental health and peace of mind over everything! I wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

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  5. You have to do what works best for you. Schooling is worth it. Do what makes you happy and work towards achieving your goals. I completely agree that your mental health is a very important aspect of life. Great post!

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