Project Pink

This project has been a motivational start up point for me in my creative field, which I will always hold close to my heart. Project Pink is a Collaborative and Immersive Multimedia Experience on what it means to be a woman. This project is Created by the Amazing Soul Gigi Coley. (Instagram @gigeeee_) Getting to know Gigi, in a few words I can say she’s Creative, her passion about Women empowerment is motivational for me. Anyone who knows Gigi can say amazing things about her and that still wouldn’t be enough to even explain. 

When I had started my MA Course in January, I was contacted via Instagram from Gigi about this project. At the start I was very unsure of weather I am suitable or even my art work because it had been a year since I exhibited anything. When we had met up at University, I got to know more information about this project and about Gigi creative mind. I had never thought about joining my creativity with Women empowerment. I was actually so close to saying no, when my sister had said this is something great and you need to be a part of this even if it just a small canvas. After that little push from my sister advice I went and Yes! 

Project Pink was set up in a way that it was a journey of Women, from childhood, Teenagers, Your Period, Education, Womanhood, Marriage and Childbirth. It was Crazy to see how much we actually go through if we put it in stages. It was definitely a interesting project to be a part of and I enjoyed every second of it. 

My idea for this project was to create a Canvas to add in the section of Childhood. I decide that I wanted this to reflect me and my culture. Education was the only word that kept thinking about as, I feel that Muslim girls have to go through getting no education and there are some girls who are lucky to have parents that support them in their education. I wanted this to show that education for girls is a must. I wanted this to reflect my dad as well so this had become quite personal for me. I remember a saying that my dad had told said to some people “I will educate my Daughters so they can have the power and capability to make life decisions.” This had stuck with me so far, so I had then thought about getting it translated in Urdu to represent my culture. I knew that only a saying on a canvas is not what I only needed, I needed a drawing or something. So I had then thought about stencil of a headscarf, why? Because it represented Muslim Girls, wearing a headscarf is a sign of respect and it’s what we wear during pray. I had felt for me there’s was no other way for me to represented girls in my culture. 

Ink and Paint on Canvas

When it got closer to the exhibition week there was so much to do, it was nice to see women helping each other to make a difference in society. Ended up joining and meeting so many girls from different cultures and different field of Arts, such as, Painters, Graphics, Videos and many more. So many of the girls created such amazing pieces to put together in one huge exhibition, and my experience in this was so good for me. I look forwards to seeing where Project Pink will lead next. 

I want say a huge thank you to Gigi, for letting me be a part of this project, for being so motivationally amazing and just bringing this together which I know was not easy for you but you have done a great job girl. Keeping slaying x  

Instagram Handles 

Created by Gigi Coley (@gigeeee_)

Set design by Giorgia (@giorgia_joesph_art) and Ioana (@cureledevil). 

Graphics by Schroeder (@shameless_schroelder)

Let me know what you guys think about Project Pink 

Be Happy, Be free 

Thinklikeart x 


  1. Really pleased to see that you blogged about Project Pink! I attended this in support of you, as my sister, and in support of what the project represtented. I really enjoyed it and felt empowered! I particularly enjoyed seeing how you communicated childhood and the power of education through your creative design.
    Good luck and keep blogging!


  2. I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds like a wonderful project! It must have been a great project to be apart of! I’ll definitely have to look it up some more.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Project pink sounds like an amazing idea. I love the focus on empowering women, and I think your girls are lucky to have you. Your posted looks fantastic! I love the color scheme you went with and how well the black popped from the page. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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