Seven Sisters Cliff

An Adventure to Seven Sister Hill Near Brighton, was my first ever adventure where I had to climb and face my fear of heights.  Me and one of my Bestie Basia (Love you) went together on this amazing adventure. We were exhausted at the end but it was so worth it.Thankfully it was bright and sunny, which Is why the pictures came out so good.We first stopped off at Brighton to of course have some chips and then we had caught the bus to take us to Seven Sisters Cliffs.

Once we got to Seven Sisters Cliffs that’s when the walking started and I can tell you that if you are not used to walking so much I do not recommend this adventure for you. Oh and no make-up. When we got to the top of a hill opposite the Seven Sisters Cliffs, we had a little break and ate some food, just relaxed. I could feel the sun on my face and the feel of the grass beneath my feet.

We went down to the beach that was lovely to feel, we walked across the water that was ice cold. It was so much fun to walk across to get to Seven Sisters Cliffs, we nearly fell into the water which was so funny. My feet felt so swollen because the little stones I had to walk on but after resting we were fine with more walking up.

Climbing up the hill was the most difficult I had to do, as I suffer from fear of heights and I really wanted to concur this fear of mine. I had got stuck half way up and slightly panicked where I couldn’t move, however a nice guy came over to where I was and held my had while we walked up and Basia was right behind me in case I fell back.

I would definitely recommend coming to Seven Sisters Cliffs

Now guys you can take a look at the amazing pictures

Let me know what to you think

Thinklikeart x


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