Journey to the Kew Gardens

The amazing journey to Kew Gardens. In the last fews weeks in London I thought about the many places i have visited in London, all the famous landmarks, art museums and events relating to food and art. However I had never been to the Kew Gardens, so I had deiced to take a trip with […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

I am thrilled to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Britt K from @AltSpeaking. I absolutely love her love blog, it’s such as creative way of encouraging people, I for one have been encouraged by her post many times. I think everyone should go and check out her posts as its motivational. […]

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Finally I got to see the Legend perform. This was the most amazing performs i have been to so far.  This was a graduation present from my mum and sister Raz. I knew that they were planning something, but couldn’t find out what it was. When they finally brought me to London, they told me […]

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My Last Trip to Tate Morden

  Tate Morden has officially become my place of peace. I feel like every artist (like myself) has found something to inspire them in Tate Morden. There is always something new happening on every floor of this amazing building. This little trip was with my oldest sister and physicist  Farzana, (which I know will be looking at this […]

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Make Believe at V&A

In this exhibition I went along with my university class, which was great fun. This exhibition was out of this world, because the model boxes had so much detail. Me as a theatre design would love to make such detailed model boxes. I got so much inspiration from this exhibition that it made me feel […]

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RE-Form at Royal Festival Hall

Another one of the date nights with my sister, we ended up walking around the Royal festival hall where we came across this exhibition. When I read a short paragraph on the wall about whom this art is from. I was very shocked and surprised. All the artwork is by offenders secure patients and detainees […]

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The Hitchin Chronicles

Hitchin is a small town in North Hertfordshire. I have always been visiting this small town as a weekend away at my older sister’s place or even for a week stay. However, one of my visit I had a agenda which was to discover the artist side of this small town. As my sisters place […]

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Chiswick House

So last year, me and my travel friend decided to go on a trip outside London which is like zone 5 or 6 I think.  This is was fun adventure day because it was sunny which rarely happens in London. We both are very last minute people, so on one Saturday morning we decided to go […]

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