About me!

To day I have decided to write a blog post about my self. I feel as though my amazing followers don’t know much about me, it’s okay I’m not going to go way personal just the general stuff that many other people don’t know. So here is the chance to see the real person behind … More About me!


I have officially Graduated! This was the moment where all of my hard had made off. The moment I saw proudness in my family’s eyes. The moment where I can say to myself  “I Graduated!”. I can actually say that I graduated from The University of the Arts London, with a degree in BA Theatre … More Graduation!

Finally I got to see the Legend perform. This was the most amazing performs i have been to so far.  This was a graduation present from my mum and sister Raz. I knew that they were planning something, but couldn’t find out what it was. When they finally brought me to London, they told me … More